Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Haven't the time to play our fav Blogshares game at the moment - more important issues absorb the sacred cow - internet censorship issues in Australia and work not necessarily in that order.

Please feel free to post any dead blogs of interest on this thread and we'll investigate them at a later date!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Blogsearch tool

Courtesy of the largesse of Billythekid of Blogshares, here's a handy search tool which may prevent you being pipped at the post when a new industry is announced.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And so on

With the dead blog program completed, Betty took a short roam round the paddock to contemplate her next venture.

To assist in this, Betty has constructed two polls in the Blogshares forum, one to determine the level of frustration experienced by players at the constant priority queue jamming, and the other to find out what is the number one favourite Blogshares activity of players.

To read the results thus far, you will have to enrol in the forum itself.

Whilst waiting for the polls to complete, Betty is content for the time being to munch on ideas as new industries arise, collecting others as she grazes round the Blogfarm.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inside the Mind of Darth Vader

George Lucas's prophetic and allegorical series, Star Wars, is the inspiration for today's Dead Blog of the Day, The Darth Side : Memoirs of a Monster.

Afficionados of the epic movies are sure to enjoy further insight into the central character, Darth Vader. Whilst the fanfic author does not broach the political analogies present in Lucas's works, this blog is an enjoyable, escapist read.

Thanks to B$ player [X] Meister K for bringing the blog to Betty's attention - your 200 chips have been dispatched to you at the speed of light.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

European Potpourri

For a treat, visit today's Dead Blog of the Day, a visual memoir of a Californian's jaunt around Europe in 2006.

From Italy to Hungary to Croatia to Spain, Koobs shows an enthusiastic eye for architecture, events and light.

Betty particularly liked the photo of a bird in flight with a cliffside ruin behind in Dubronovik - she has always wanted to visit the Adriatic coast which she has seen only from liner between Italy and Greece.

Cosmic Rabbit, a suitable recipient at easter time, is congratulated and awarded 200 chips.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Betty's B$ Milestone

Betty has managed to break into the top 20 Blogshares players, finally having collected ideas from all industries and holding all current artefacts. Next, Betty must pursue some concerted voting and cleaning to increase sigma, karma, cash and chips holdings whilst maintaining shareholdings to assist her worthy corporation, The Untouchables.

Though Betty primarily enjoys participating in the game in order to have fun with other players, read blogs and clean the index, she's pleased that for the moment she can relax as far as idea collection goes.

A pleasing walk

Submitted by conservationist and B$ player Timothy Abbott, Walking the Berkshires is a very readable account of family history and the environment around the Berkshire and Litchfield Hills in Connecticut.

The author's ancestors were original colonists in the region, whose descendants fought in the Civil War. The family's history and memorabilia is well preserved and no doubt there's a potential book or two sleeping in the attic at Windrock.

With his lucid writing style and scholarly attention to detail, Timothy is a definite candidate for authorship.

His new blog continues with similar virtuosity and is also highly recommended.